While the majority of mediation still occurs in-person, in times of social distancing and quarantine, there is a growing interest and need for online mediation. Recognizing the advantages to online mediation and arbitration, Bob Berliner is now offering his services virtually for those clients who prefer it.

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Virtual Mediation and Arbitration

Virtual Mediation and Arbitration

Using Zoom and other videoconferencing platforms, Bob is able to establish the trust, relationships and rapport needed to provide all parties with mutually satisfactory results.

Virtual mediation brings...

  • Additional flexibility in meeting times, scheduling and locations. All parties can stay where they feel most comfortable, for example, in their homes or offices
  • As parties meet virtually, there's no need for inconvenient travel, and so can lead to saving time and energy
  • Virtual mediation can be easier to schedule, adjourn and reconvene
  • Virtual Mediation and Arbitration with The Berliner Group can be a convenient and effective choice for you


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